Crystalline Jewellery is the joint enterprise of Elena Kosenkova, former Tatler fashion Director and Kira Pokhiton who was publisher of Vogue Magazine in Russia.  Kira and Elena shared a passion for design and fashion and became friends during their time at the Conde Nast group. Their like-minded ideas about the look and feel of personal accessories stimulated Elena to create some necklaces for personal use.  The response to these home-made pieces was surprisingly positive and led some 7 years ago to the establishment of the Crystalline Jewellery brand. Within the company, Elena is responsible for the creative aspects and Kira looks after the commercial side of the business.

Crystalline produces a range of quality costume jewellery items such as earrings,  brooches and necklaces. Elena’s designs are bold, striking, instantly recognizable and inspired by both nature and the works artists of the great avant-garde movements of the early 20th century. Crystalline products feature the company’s signature combination of tactile natural materials -often in vivid colours- with highly polished geometric gilded metal structures. Each of the products is individually handcrafted into a small piece of art by some of Italy’s best craftsmen.

Crystalline operates from offices in Monaco, Milan and Moscow and since inception has grown into a recognized and often referenced niche producer catering to fashionistas all over the world. Beside an enthusiastic clientele, the company also enjoys wide general press coverage and encouraging feedback in the specialized media.

“Elena and Kira’s unwavering allegiance to uniqueness coupled with their uncompromising vision is second to none, so much so that there is no doubt Crystalline Jewellery will stand the test of time while offering trailblazing wearable art for many years to come.”

Olivier Dupon, Brand Jewellery


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